Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Drunkard's Path Quilt & Veggie Reports

Apparently I never posted this quilt that was done back in June.  I was looking for it on my blog and although I found a couple other Drunkard's Paths, this one was missing.  It was exactly like looking for your glasses.  You know you put them down, um, here?  Nope.  Maybe the living room?  Nope.  Bedroom?  Bathroom?  I'm sure you've done that too.  Three hours later you find them in a very logical place:  in the cutlery drawer.
So, here it is...

I love the subtle stripe in the dark pink fabric.  I cut the pieces for the quilt maker using JAWS, my Accuquilt die cutter.

The quilting is easier to see on the back.
DH and I took a lovely Sunday drive.  We stopped at an apple orchard and bought a 1/2 peck of Royal Gala and a 5 lb. bag of Courtland seconds.  The courtlands will be whipped up (in a manner of speaking) into a couple of pies later this week.  Even though I HATE making pastry, they will taste like heaven in February.  If they last that long.

DH was cooking yesterday - he made a h.u.g.e. pot of vegetable soup, so there is a ton of that in the freezer now.  As much as he bitches and moans about zucchini, he picked a large one (that it seems I missed in the garden), and shredded a bunch of that into the soup.  He was shuddering while doing it though.  :-)  When we sat down for supper of soup & Pumpkin Bread I was excitedly thinking I could skip my Omega 3 pill, since we were eating vegetables for supper.  Then I looked at the toasted pumpkin bread slathered with butter.  Um, hmm, ok - take the pill.

Picked this week: 1
Picked YTD:  43

Picked this week: 2 (one went into the veggie soup, one cooked with pasta.  Recipe link.)
Picked YTD:  11

BS Tidbit Of The Week:  I limit my tv time to 2 hours per week.  ha ha ha ha...

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  1. Love the quilt ... the colours, fabric choices and the finishing details.


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