Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Double Wedding Ring, Family luncheon

I just finished quilting this Double Wedding Ring quilt.

The pieces were cut with an Accuquilt Go cutter - she cut up a whole stack of her leftovers from other projects.  This has always been on my to-make list so I may have to see if she's interested in a little, um, barter.

A pic of the back.

As I mentioned, our niece and her boyfriend have been staying with us for the month, until they get their new apartment November 1st.  The niece is on dh's side, both familially and physically, and our nephew (on my side, both F and P) lives about 45 minutes away.  I thought it would be nice if they got to meet each other, so here's the clan.  Note to self - must get proper tripod so photos don't exaggerate the double chins quite so much.  Observation:  wow - my hair matches dh's beard almost exactly.  Ha ha!!!

I know you are always interested in what other people eat for breakfast.  This is definitely on my list of 'most weird' - scrambled egg and reheated sliced beets.  We are out of milk, so I can't have my oatmeal.  Poking around in the fridge, it was either going to be reheated Chinese food (gag me - blecchhh) or this.

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