Sunday, November 4, 2012

beating the STASH into submission

Oooh - Snoopy Dance here. The stash is back in the minus zone!!!  November will be a good report too, because this weekend I am quilting my Asia top that was completed at the Tobermory retreat.

Used in October 41.85 m.
Used YTD 77.7 m.
Purchased in October 0 m.
Purchased YTD 74.75 m.
NET 2012 (- 2.95) m.

A large quantity went on the backing for three Christmas panel quilts.  I put this backing together at the Tobermory retreat.  Pfftt...awesome photographer that I am, I should have taken the pic before I cut the quilts apart and finished them, so you will have to use your imagination.  I made one LARGE backing and loaded the quilts on one at a time.

These are the tops.  I learn so much from my customers - I have a gal who often takes a center panel, puts a couple of borders on it, often with cornerstones, and VOILA.  So on these, I was manifesting my inner 'Marie'.

Two of these are being donated to the Rotary auction, and the third is for the Holiday House Tour.

I called this quilt Leftover Love.  Because I DO love leftovers - I get to be creative when I try to use them up.  Actually, I love leftovers in the kitchen too.  When I (rarely) do meal planning I like to start with a hunk of meat that will get roasted, then go through a couple of cookbooks and plan meals around the leftovers.  This week it was a ham, then leftovers went into Ham & Cauliflower Gratin.  I had good intentions of making a Strata for breakfast, but that didn't happen.

The little 9-patch centers are leftovers from the commission quilt I did last year.  On this top I was manifesting my inner 'Thelma'.  She makes (usually) 20 block tops, using sort of log cabin-ish blocks, with a centre something-block (often leftovers from another project).  Separate with sashing, add a border or two.

Stash busting on the back.

The niece and her bf moved into their apartment yesterday.  Her dad came Friday night and stayed over to help with the move, so I made Oat Pancakes for Saturday breakfast.  These are a hot item on the menu at the Tobermory retreat.  I had leftover pancakes (surprise!) so this morning I had a few with almond butter for breakfast.  Yum yum.

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  1. Great job on busting the stash. The quilts are pretty as well. My stash will never busted, maybe reduced.....hehe. I like being able to shop in my stash for anything andEVERYTHING!


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