Sunday, November 18, 2012

Asian Fabrics, marital relations, trunk show Nov 21st

Yaaay - the "Asia 2009" quilt is finished and on the bed.

I quilted this with a pantograph because I really wanted to showcase the fabrics, not the quilting.

This is one of the designs from a collection by Munnich Design.

Fancy label.  I have, in the past several years, included the type of batting used as well as washing instructions.  This incorporates a selvedge from one of the Tokyo fabrics.  Is that not the cutest selvedge ever?

If you would like to see this quilt up close and personal, I will be the guest speaker at the Ancaster Quilt Guild this coming Wednesday, November 21st.  7 pm.  I am doing a trunk show and talking about batting.

Now, as for marital relations.
DH and I are at the end of a week of COLD WAR.  I am sure you are familiar with this, if you are in a committed relationship.  It occurs when one of you is an ass, and the other is a saint.  I am obviously the saint so I assume you can figure out who is the ass. As I've written about, this has been our worst. year. ever.  We are broke, broke, broke.  Well, we both make as much as normal, but to clear it up we are now in debt, debt, debt.  Drives me crazy and makes me feel like a slave to the money.  It is always top of mind - I wake up with it and go to sleep with it.  Please.  I want to have my money comfort back but that won't happen until the payments can stop.  So that means the ass-person is supposed to stick to the budget as previously agreed to.
He is not supposed to be overspending and buying shit like this.

Clearly, I have several of them already in my spotless cupboard.
For the past week we've been having hall sex.  (you must have heard THAT joke - as you pass each other in the hall, you say 'f**k you)  It gets to the point, though, after several days, you just get tired of being angry.  This is one of those little, um, personal quirks of his that is never going to go away.  He puts up with me being bossy decisive, and anal particular about the bedmaking, and disgusted concerned about his food choices.  And after a bit of COLD WAR I put up with his bad money skills.
I'll end this with a little chuckle for you...


  1. OMG! I was so delighted to stubble across this delightful post! This is my sense of humour and I laughed so many times in reading it. Gotta go read it again...great writing!

  2. First I think the quilting on the asian quilt is perfect! Second, at almost 41 years married I understand completely! My hubby recently had a high blood glucose reading, but after much nagging he refuses cut back on carbs and sweets, so I just finally said "fine, I hope it kills you sooner rather than later and then I can get on with my life"

  3. Omg, I really needed that laugh! Your writing reminds me of Rita Rudner's. I fell in love with my electric roaster this year. I don't know why they aren't more popular. Now I may have to get a pressure cooker. I could have inherited my MIL's 15 yrs ago, but I didn't know what to do with it. Thanks for the tips....


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