Saturday, October 6, 2012

Xmas Quilts

The season has begun!  This was a collection of 4 small quilts that I loaded on a wide backing, to help keep the cost down for the piecer.  Otherwise, my minimum charge per piece would have been $50.

The top two were custom quilted.

Mmm.  Love the motif in the white squares.

And, HEY!  This is MINE!

I picked up a jelly roll last year for $15.00.  Our bed is a king, so there is no way one jelly roll was going to do the trick.  It was supplemented with a collection from my stash.  I ended up needing 71 strips all together, including the sashing & cornerstones.

I pieced this on my spring retreat up at Margaret's.  And since I didn't have a border fabric I was happy with, I went shopping in her basement.  :-)  Gotta love yer friends, eh?  She had JUST enough of the lovely red print - all that is left are scraps.

Pieced leftovers on the back.  My stash report will look much better after this.

Quilted with a pantograph.  Coincidentally, this is the companion border design for the motif in the top quilt.  I splurged and used a wool batt in this.  My absolute favorite batting to put in a bed quilt.  Lightweight, poofy, and very comfortable to sleep under.  NOT difficult to wash.  At least, no more of a struggle than making yourself do any of your other laundry.  I carry Hobbs Wool, but it's kind of expensive.  If you are in the USA you can find it much cheaper.  Yes, this is me, shooting myself in the foot.

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.  This year, I am thankful that the roof hasn't caved in.  Lord knows, everything ELSE has fallen apart.  ha ha ha.  Actually, I'm pretty thankful for my health, and our wonderful peaceful country, and the fact that in spite of all our difficulties this year DH and I are still muddling through our daily lives and going to work every day and putting food on the table and putting our feet up at night with a good book and a cozy quilt (or 15).  We have our friends, our families, and each other.  Hugs to you all. 

Have a second piece of pumpkin pie this weekend.

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