Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Blue & White and Wholecloth

This is such a cool, summery quilt. Blues, whites, and a beach-theme border fabric.

The quilting is a seashell design. That white thread looks wonderful on the bright blue back. I've seen pics of this completed- it was treated to a scalloped edge border that looks great.

Once every year or two I have a request for a wholecloth. Usually the customer will bring me a premarked top, but this time I was asked to do the design from scratch (that's where I sit around for a while and scratch my head. heh, heh)

This turned out really pretty. The top is a milk-white sateen with a lovely sheen. It took forever to mark the crosshatch, using a blue washout marker. There were a few marks that ghosted back after an initial spritzing with water, but a second application got rid of them.
Note to self:
DO NOT DRINK COFFEE AFTER SUPPER, YOU IDIOT!!!!  I finally got out of bed at 2:30 am because I was sick of laying there, tossing & turning.  I went and had some milk & cookies, then tried bed again at 3:30.  By then DH was snoring up a storm and going through his full repertoire of snuffleupagus, roaring train, and purring tiger (which is the one I really don't mind too much).  I think it was after 4 by the time I finally drifted off.

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  1. Pretty quilt and lovely work on the quilting of the two. As for the insomnia, been there and now I drink milk before bed whenever I remember. My hubby doesn't snore that bad, LOL.


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