Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Star Spin by Oregon Treasures

Here is last week's beauty.  The pattern is Star Spin, by Oregon Treasures.

All of the spinning log cabin blocks were quilted with stitch in the ditch.  The background is a freehand feather meander.

The funky star blocks were s.i.d. with a motif from IQ dropped in.

Ah. I heart backs.
I have been busier'n a fart in a windstorm (to quote an old former neighbour, who happened to pop in for a visit on the weekend). 

Thursday was Red Hat day.  A few of us got on a bus trip with the Haldimand Horticultural Society and headed out to the Niagara region.  Stopped at three fabulous private gardens, two garden centers, and had supper at Kings Buffet.  The instructions told us to bring a container (boxes/bags) for our purchases.  I thought "nah, I'm not buying anything".  Um.  Mistake.

DH and I celebrated 28 years of wedded bliss on Saturday.  He is not always a sweetheart, I mean, really - who is?  But in THIS case...he surprised me by inviting 9 of our favorite people to join us for dinner at Canyon Creek.  The restaurant put us in a nice little private room, AND provided champagne on the house.  How great was that?  We had a wonderful time and I hope he knows how much I appreciated it. I did tell him, but, you know.  A little repeat doesn't hurt.

I have been quilting my fingers to the bone, in anticipation of my ... first.  ever.  summer.  vacation.  My darling nephew (who IS always a sweetheart, heh, heh, heh) has been stocking me up with technology.  I have a tablet that I got in February, and picked up my new cell phone tonight.  I should be able to take pics and post to my blog from many pieces of equipment now.  If I remember how to make anything work.  This old brain ain't what it used to be.  So... stay tuned.  My next post may come from NY.  Or MA.  Or ME.  Or NB.  Or LL Bean.  :-)

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  1. Now wasn't that thoughtful of your husband? He's a keeper!
    Maureen B.


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