Monday, July 9, 2012

Block of the Month Quilt & Ruffle-bum Onesies

This was a BOM that was run at the Caledonia guild last year.

I love how that gold-ish thread looks.

She had many half-squares left over from making the top, so she made a fancy back.  I was not able to get it perfectly centered, but it's pretty close.  I really love these surprise backs - much more interesting than plain backs.

A little more detail.

In anticipation of meeting my new grand-niece from Singapore, I was making ruffle-butt onesies.  Aren't they cute?
When I was out for dinner with friends last week, I was telling them about the onesies.  We got talking about our ruffle-bum panties from when we were little girls.  Teresa made me laugh when she said she always wore hers with the ruffles in the front, where she could see them.


  1. Uh.....hope that wasn't supposed to be a secret. Lol. Teresa...the cat is out of the bag!


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