Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flower BOM

This is a Block of the Month that was run at the Binbrook guild.

Every month we got a pattern for one of the flower blocks.

The layout needs to be on point because of the orientation of the blocks.

I had some fun taking a block pattern from the Intelliquilter and changing it by bits & pieces to match up with the pieced block.  In the block below you can see there are three legs to the quilting design.  In this case I had removed the bottom leg and inserted two smaller leaf shapes.  And yes - when you work alone in your basement, day after day, this DOES constitute 'fun'.
Last week was my annual trip to Diane's for Beach Day, which is when we never actually make it to the beach.  This year we took a side trip to Strathroy to have lunch with another friend who is no longer able to travel to meet us.  Boy, I hope when that happens to me there will be some people who love me enough that they will come and take me out for lunch.  On our way home, Deb & I stopped at the Red Red Bobbin where they were having a quilt hanging and fabric sale.  Hmm.  The stash report will  not look quite so, um, negative next time around.  But I purchased Christmas fabrics that I will be needing to make a couple of quilts for donation to the Rotary Auction this fall, so... does it really count?  heh, heh, heh.

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  1. I think this is a wonderful quilt! Your backgrounds and in between blocks set things off so nicely and the dark floral border really corrals everything nicely. This is the sort of quilt I always want to do but there are always other things that come before...


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