Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Stitchin'

What I'm listening to (purchased on the cheap previously loved at The Beat Goes On)

Oh, such a pretty, girly, braid quilt.

I'm loving the curls, but I thought I'd get a second opinion.

I have dived (grammar???  I dove???) right in to the exercise nonsense for my cholesterol.  Thursday - nice day, walk/jog for 40 minutes.  Friday - pouring rain & cold outside, torture machine for 10 minutes.  Saturday - cool & rainy/cloudy, walk/jog for 30 minutes.  The record-keeping will be done on my work calendar because the daily squares are nice and big and it's in my face every day because I work (or at least I'm in my workroom) every day.  DH is very impressed that I've kept it up for three days so far.  If I'm true to form, this will last for a month or two and then the slacking off will start.  Especially if my bloodwork shows good results. I remember getting annoyed and rolling my eyes at Mom when she decided that since her blood pressure numbers were good she could stop taking her meds.  I will be just the same.  sigh.

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