Monday, June 11, 2012

Little Miss Muffet & Quilt of Valour

I love whimsical anything and I also love embroidery. This quilt was so much fun to work on. She looks like a little Betty Boop in training.

On Sunday I was awake with the birds. I figured I could either go to church (where they would have nooo idea who I was), or I could do something charitable and community minded.  So, I quilted this QOV made by one of my customers.  It is not very often that I have a quilt off the frame by 7:30 in the morning.  OK, it has never happened. 

Yummy - flannel backing.

Are you curious are about my lunch? Amish Friendship bread (from a friend, too!!) with almond butter, and a smoothie made with coconut milk, yogurt, banana, blueberries, honey.

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