Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dog Beds and Stash Report

Many thanks to those of you who wished me luck on that UFO Challenge 50/50 draw.  I won.  :-)

Sadie's doctor has many dogs of her own and asked me to make a few dog beds for the crates.  I followed instructions by Vicki Welsh at Field Trips in Fiber.


Chop up leftover batting into 2 inch-ish pieces.  Use the back side of your cutting mat so you don't trash the good side.  It's not like you need the lines to do this.

Fill up a large box, more than once.  I was using several years worth of leftover trimmings, both poly and 80/20.

Make a form about the size you want for the crate, PLUS three inches (to allow for the finished depth of the filling). Sew channels in the form. Make sure they are large enough to generously fit your fist & arm.  Stuff with chopped up batting.  I made divisions of 3 x 3 pillow sections.

Sew up pillow sections to close.


Now that I have that Bunny Hill UFO finished I have something positive, I mean NEGATIVE to report. 

Used this month     13 m.
Used YTD             28.25 m.
Added this month       .25 m.
Added YTD           19.25 m.
Net 2012               (-9.0 m.)
Today I collected a dozen little 9-patches leftover from a 2011 project and will start making up blocks with them to be used in a donation quilt.  Probably for chemo patients, since the Caledonia guild is having a challenge for that project.  Stitching on that will happen in between my little explosions of RAIN DANCE.  Everything here is so dry, the grass is gold and crusty like it normally is in late July.  Poor DH is repairing hoses and replacing nozzles every few days, it seems.  When I harvest my first batch of snow peas tomorrow I know it will all be worth it. 

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  1. Nice idea! I've been making cat beds for the local humane society for a few years now. I use the leftover batting cut in "noodle" size - approximately 7" x 1". I accumulate these in a large box with a trash bag liner as I quilt and then when I have enough use ovals of fleece bought on sale at JoAnn's - these measure 16 x 20. Turning the mat is so important, I figured that one out early in the game! Thanks for the channel idea.


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