Thursday, May 31, 2012


I eat right. All summer long I buy about 3 vegetables.  Most of our stuff comes out of the garden.  And it's organic, or at least as organic as I can get it.  We've been eating lettuce for a couple of weeks now.  I'm picking fresh cilantro and dill.  The beets and peas are up and the beans should follow in a couple days, once the rain starts.

I have hobbies. That's my friend Karen with the sign that I should have bought.

I have good friends. When we're not fighting over fabric.
You read my blog, so you know I cook most of our food from scratch.  And I don't mean that I scratch open a box.  I watch what I eat, walk the dog, hoe the garden, clean the house.  And I certainly get my fill of heart-healthy red wine.  So why oh why do I have high cholesterol????  I have been watching my numbers creep up for the last few years and now it's at the point where I am ALMOST ready to start taking the pills.  The little argument has been going on for a week now:  take 'em.  no, don't take 'em.  yeah, take 'em.  no, not yet.

So, this morning I decided to look at the Heart & Stroke website to check out what, exactly, I need to do exercise-wise to reduce the LDL.  150 minutes of vigorous exercise per week in minimum 10 minute intervals.  So, getting on the torture machine for 5 minutes, which is my habit, does not cut it.  Having a nice leisurely walk with the dog does not cut it.  Pulling weeds?  Nope.  Lazy yoga?  Nope.  Starting today, Sadie & I went for a walk/jog for 40 minutes.  I will have to make myself a fancy spreadsheet thingy so I can keep track of my time, because I do not want to take drugs for this.  If there is no spreadsheet thingy it is too easy to cheat and mis-remember.  I can count vacuuming and floor washing, which will make those thankless jobs a little more worthwhile.  DH kindly mentioned that 'people your age have bad knees, bad ankles and bad backs and should not be jogging'.  Ahem.  Honey, talking to me like that, you'd best hope I don't use your toothbrush to clean the bathroom counter.

If you decide to check the H & S website, take a look at their recipe page.  There are lots of yummy meals there.  I've already planned to make the Squash & Spinach Skillet Side this fall when my squash is ready.  And tomorrow I may make the Soy Ginger Glazed Asparagus.


  1. I'm lucky not to have cholesterol problems II'm allergic to eggs and dairy and I don't like meat) but I have other dietary issues. Recently I started using to track my food and exercise. Not only does it track calories but it also tracks cholesterol, fat, protein, fiber and carbs. It's really helped my adjust my diet (I desperately needed more protein)and I've lost 5 pounds toward my goal of 10. It's a really cool tool and I can even enter my recipes.

    1. Wow, Vicki, good for you with the diet. I must check out that web site. You are always so web-aware!!!


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