Friday, May 25, 2012

Conversation Prints & Another Looong Day at the Clinic

I have a few customers who make quilts on a pretty regular basis. This quilt is by one of my favorites.  Why is she a favorite?  Well, she brings her mom with her on every visit (her mom brings me quilts too) and they usually go to the Mandarin for lunch after they finish up at my place.  They are both really interesting women who I love talking to for the hour or so that they are here.  But she also makes interesting quilts, some the likes of which I would NEVER tackle.  When I write up the work order I always ask for the name of the quilt, and this gal makes up names that are so unusual I often have to ask how to spell it.  This quilt is for her brother and it's a very simple pattern (Bricks, maybe?) and it is called Volume C.  Not hard to spell, but sure makes me wonder what the story is behind the name.  The simplicity of this design encourages a good long look at the fabrics.

Here, take a look. I'm pretty sure her brother will spend a lot of time over the next many years finding something he hasn't noticed before.

Do you ever fight with your husband? Hmm.  Silly question, I guess.  On Wednesday I had to take mom to the fracture clinic.  The wheelchair taxi was over-booked and didn't arrive until an hour after I had requested it (the home books the taxi and did not bother to let me know the time.  Nice, eh?) So I had an hour to kill at 9 o'clock in the morning.  When we got to the hospital the strap on my shoe broke, so I was walking around with one shoe and one flip-floppy shoe.  The nice lady at the nurses station let me take a paper clip to bubblegum my shoe back together, and although it ain't pretty at least it worked.  We were 2 1/2 hours at the clinic, then called the taxi to pick us up.  Dispatch said it would be 30 minutes, but an hour and 10 minutes later I had to call back to find out where he was.  Apparently he tried to pick us up but ... we weren't there.  Um, hello???  Where am I going to take her in a friggin' wheelchair???  Anyhow, it was another half hour before we got picked up, so all in all it was NOT MY DAY.

I came home stressed from top to bottom.  Mom gets very disoriented when she has to go anywhere.  She's mostly deaf so anything I try to tell her gets totally garbled.  I can hear people around us snickering at the situation.  Her memory is non-existent so she never knows where she is or why she's there, and she is completely convinced that there is nothing wrong with her hip.  Oh, such long days when we have to go to the fracture clinic.  I finally get home and deal with this (not necessarily in the best way but it works for me) by having a pina colada (or 3?  I think I lost count).  Somewhere in that time period DH and I had enough WORDS that I sort of booted his arse out the door to his Kinsmen meeting and said something flattering like "good riddance".  OK, maybe I've sanitized that just a bit.  But you get the idea.  I was mad enough that I retaliated by (are you ready???) not making the morning coffee before I went to bed.  Pathetic, I know.  It's not much but it made me feel better.

He's up before the birds so I didn't see him Thursday morning, then I went out for dinner that night, and he was in bed before I got home.

When I got up Friday morning and looked in the fridge, he apparently went all out at Costco and bought a boatload of my favorite veggies - asparagus, green beans and zucchini.  He also bought a pile of processed meats which I likely won't touch, but he likes 'em and can have his fill for lunches.  I may have to make him another batch of cookies in appreciation for the A to Z green goodness.  At my age I guess green veggies is the new roses?  When you've been married as long as we have and need to kiss & make up, sometimes the apologies just get in the way of the actions.  So, thank you honey - I appreciate it.

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  1. Well, you got me curious about the name. When I looked at some of the pictures they can all begin with C...I see clocks, and cars and cruets, and the Colosseum and a circus...pretty cool.


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