Monday, May 7, 2012

Cincinnati show - applique quilt

I bet it costs a pretty penny to ship a quilt from Japan to the USA for a quilt show.
When I was in Tokyo for the quilt show in 2009 the applique and hand work just blew me away.
This is a great example of the workmanship and attention to detail by Japanese quiltmakers.

This past Saturday I went with my friend Sue to see Johnny Reid at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton.  It was an excellent show and Johnny is a very engaging & energetic performer.  Here is a clip of him from a CBC interview (I truly LOVE the CBC).
Sometimes on a Friday while I'm making supper I will fix myself a martini and put on one or two of his cds.  Half way through my drink I force DH to dance with me (fyi, it's not very romantic when you make someone dance with you, but the martini seems to make it all ok).  I'm wondering if I can get a blowup doll that looks like Kevin Costner, heh, heh, heh.


  1. I love to see the quilts from other countries and what they do. That quilt is beautiful. I wonder how many hours it took to complete.
    BTW, I love the CBC also. I wouldn't have said that 20 years ago. They've come a long way.

  2. I had never heard Johnny Reid before. He's great. I now have both of his CDs on hold at the library to try themn out.

  3. a blow up doll of kevin costner! hahahahahaha! My aunt also loves Johnny Reid, she saw him in Winnipeg, I have seen him only on cbc and an in concert he did, I think he sounds like Rod Stewart...
    Also, I read a while back and had a friend who went to japan for a holiday that they actually teach quiltmaking and other needle crafts as part of the regular school curiculum...


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