Sunday, January 15, 2012

scrappy quilt love & self improvement

 i love working on scrappy quilts.  little bursts of joy when some of the wonderful prints catch my eye.
day 18 of my broken arm  i read the seven habits book during morning bath time.  i'm up to page 121 today.  currently, i am supposed to be paying strict attention to things for 30 days, to determine what is within my control, and what is not, and how i react to both situations.  the lesson, and hopefully a new habit, will be to take a chill pill if i have no control over something.  this is such a sensible thing that a lot of  us would do well to remember.

the bathroom scale is something i do have some control over.  like, i could lean on the bathroom counter to disappear a few pounds...  Today dh and i have committed to ONE HOUR OF EXERCISE, DAILY for the next week.  our goals are to drop two pounds (me) and three pounds (him) by next sunday. in the past 18 days i have managed to add 2.5 lbs to my frame with inactivity, chocolates, and wine (not necessarily in that order).  if we meet our targets i hope we'll repeat the commitment next week.  i would, ideally, like to lose 20 pounds to get back to my weight of 10 years ago.  today's exercise target is already a distant memory - my butt was on the bike for 40 minutes (2 x 20 minute sessions) and i think i'm done for the day.  my arm is feeling very cranky, since i quilted a quilt and pinned another one on the frame.  hmm - maybe i'll try another 10 minutes.

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