Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pretty Lap Quilt & More Kindnesses

This is an easy-peasy throw you can make from one of the fabrics you can't bear to cut up.

Use a nice solid on the back and it's reversible.

My favorite quilt block from the past several months.  Margaret sent me a fat quarter of the martini fabric for Christmas last year.  D'ya think she knows what I like?  The red print is from my trip to Japan in 2009.

I should charge these guys rent.

This week's kindnesses:
  • a wonderful gift bag from my b.i.l and s.i.l.  This was totally unexpected since they live three hours away.
  • a 'how're you doing?' phone call from a customer/friend.  I didn't realize I was moping around the house having a little pity party until after we hung up.  Then I noticed I was smiling.  Were you aware that you can feel it in your heart when you're smiling?
  • last night at guild I got a bag of stuff from one of the members.  She broke her wrist last fall and has been through all the same experiences that I am having now.  In anticipation of the day when my cast will come off she brought me her soft removable splint.  Either she thinks like me, or she knows I like to save a dollar when I can.  Apparently these things are $28 at the drug store and the ortho doc has already told me I will need one for a while.
  • dh washed the kitchen floor.  :-)

Yum.  Today's weather.  Sunny and warming up so much that the two inches of snow that was on the ground this morning is pretty much all gone.
More yum.  Geraniums blooming on the windowsill.

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  1. Wow weee!! I just love that lap quilt just my style and colours
    Hugs Laurie


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