Saturday, January 7, 2012

scrappy quilt and a gift basket

hey - we did it. this is a scrappy UFO quilt of mine, pieced by thelma.

dh pinned it on for me. not to make fun of his chubby man-hands, but it was pretty amusing. he did not appreciate me laughing when he stabbed himself and started dancing around in pain. the new computer drive for my quilting machine is officially a Godsend. i can thread the needle left handed, although loading and changing the bobbin one handed is a challenge.  i will improve as the discomfort in my fingers improves.

a few of my longarm friends have taken pity on me. deb came for a visit yesterday bearing gifts from the beach day group.  when i got to the pad of sticky notes i lifted my eyebrow, then laughed at the explanation.  they go with the cookbook - i am supposed to mark the recipe i want dh to cook every day.  then, i assume, i should pour a glass of wine and prepare to thank him for yet another meal of frozen pizza.  oh, bad wife, bad! 
he has actually been cooking very nutritious meals for me.  steel cut oats, salmon sandwiches, homemade veggie soup and biscuits, tuna casserole with peanuts (they add a nice chewy texture - put me in mind of water chestnuts, which i also love).

things that are a distant memory:
  • mascara
  • lace-up shoes
  • blow dried hair
  • a clean right eardrum
  • two shaved armpits
  • plucked eyebrows
  • taking myself for a drive

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  1. well at least your sense of humour is fully activated!!!!


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