Tuesday, January 3, 2012

christmas gift & broken arm

learning how to play the piano has always been on my bucket list, and this year dh called me on it.  during my six week layup i will amuse myself by learning how to read music again.  you can learn anything on youtube, right?  i've also started to read steven covey's "seven habits of highly effective people".  I checked that book out of the library and renewed it so many times i embarrassed myself, so i finally bought my own copy.  haven't picked it up in... two years (?).  after i delicately lower myself in the tub (since i can't shower) i read a bunch.  yaay me!

i forced myself to get on the exercise bike for ten minutes today.  two days ago in the pantry i found the bag of anise Christmas cookies that were left at our last guild meeting.  twenty minutes later the bag was more than half empty, even though i was being GOOD and limiting myself to the broken cookies.  yesterday i tried to be better, eating only the tree shaped cookies.  but since there weren't very many of those i allowed myself anything that was not round, which opened up the field to the stocking shapes and the candle shapes and the ornament shapes.  any idea what shape my ass will be soon?

dh & i are getting into an uneasy routine... he won't heat up my oatmeal on the stove, i think so he can avoid another dirty pot, using the microwave instead.  he grimaced when he had to trim my nails (what's that all about?), and makes me apply deodorant myself.  for some reason though, he willingly and with cheerful abandon comes to assist with my bra.  it could be a looong six weeks.  hopfully at the fracture clinic tomorrow they will tell me someone made a terrible mistake and my arm isn't broken at all.  ha ha.  then they will tell me the tooth fairy is real, too.

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  1. ohmygosh.......you never realize just how much of your independence you can loose with something like this.....until it actually happens.

    Guess you may have to stay on DH's good side for a little while....or learn to live on cookies and chocolates.

    Wishing you a VERY speedy recovery!


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