Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sampler Quilt, Allergies

This is a great sampler quilt made by a gal from the local quilt shop.

I quilted this with an overall feather meander.

Love quilt backs.

This stuff is my new discovery.  It saves me from scratching my eyeballs out.  I don't care about clogged sinuses, or sneezing, but please God, give me relief from itchy eyes.  In the spring I had to suffer through the tree pollen or grass pollen - I'm not really sure.  Right now it is ragweed making me crazy.

In my last post I was planning the making of the plum sauce.  Heh - note to self:  should really cook more tidily. Cooked sugar takes a long time to clean off the stove.

Zucchini Report
Picked this week:  11
Eaten this week:  10  I made several zucchini loaves and a
pan of (I Can't Believe It's) Zucchini Crisp
Given away:  0
Compost:  0
Freezer:  0
In Fridge:  2


  1. Beautiful quilt! And I'm totally lusting over that quilt back! It reminds me of an antique bedspread I used to have!

  2. love the colours in this quilt!!! Yep, suffering itchy eyes from ragweed too......Marie


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