Sunday, September 11, 2011

the Kawartha Retreat

I just love going up to Margaret's.  I was very (!) productive.  This is my Thursday night finish.

Here is my Friday finish.  They were both just borders, but still - they have taken me a very LONG time.  Now they are ready for quilting, which will happen, um,... hmm.  Not sure.

This is how we spent Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.  In between we went to the Bobcaygeon quilt show and fixed one of the toilets.  OK.  Well, Sue fixed the toilet.

Thinking that maybe we would like to have this lifestyle all the time (keeping up with the Margarets, you know?) I decided we'd all pitch in two bucks and try to win the lottery.  Bummer.  No luck.  But we had a lot of fun for 24 hours talking about how we'd spend our share.  Many of our ideas involved underpaying someone to do our quilt piecing, clean, cook, harvest the wild rice in the lake, babysit grandchildren, and other assorted jobs so we could spend our days out in the boat.
As usual, we ate particularly well.
Thurs. supper:  cold meat, cheese, assorted salads, baguette, fresh tomatoes, I.C.B.I. Zucchini Crisp with ice cream.
Fri. breakfast:  yogurt with fruit, and banana bread & peanut butter.
Fri. lunch:  leftover Chinese food from Thursday's lunch (which I missed).
Fri. supper:  Red Curry Peanut Noodles, I.C.B.I. Zucchini Crisp with ice cream.
Sat. breakfast:  Steel Cut Oats with fresh fruit.
Sat. lunch:  we ate the lunch special at the quilt show.
Sat. supper:  Salmon Crunch Pie with salad, blueberry macaroons.
Sun. breakfast:  Eggs Benedict.  OMG, I love you Sue!!!!
Sun. lunch:  Chicken Quesadillas, banana bread.

A few of our completed projects before we pack up the cars. 
Thanks Margaret.  You are definitely the hostess with the mostest.

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  1. Well darn..I missed you again. I was at the quilt show on Saturday. Would loved to have met up for a few minutes. Fantastic show isn't it. Love the old village. Great weather as usual.
    Ok..thanks for the menu..I am sitting here starving ..and dreaming of all that awesome food.
    Probably your last boat ride of the season..and what a great weekend.

    Judi B.
    Fenelon Falls.


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