Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tobermory Retreat

Don't you love it when you take a really stupid photo of yourself? My traditional 'departure' photo gets a wee bit HORRID when the driver is sitting in the car with the engine running and I have to take a pic with my arm stretched out in front of me. But I hear that it's a good habit to laugh at yourself.

Crazy crazy Karen made each of us a wonderful PINK bag stuffed with all kinds of goodies. The best is the apron - here we are on the stairs leading up to the loft quarters.

The cottage (and believe me, I use that term loosely) is huge. H.U.G.E. It sits on the shores of Lake Huron. This was Tuesday's sunset.

Debbie, Mary Anne and Thursday's lunch. Not included in the photo are the desserts (leftover apple cheesecake, monkey balls from breakfast, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream). OMG we ate so much I was surprised I fit through the doors on the way out. Tuesday night was pork tenderloin, Wednesday night was salmon, Thursday night was chicken & stuffing. Breakfast was fresh baked every morning. Along with the desserts listed above we also had blueberry pie and several assorted cheesecakes. My pancreas is still screaming from the sugar overload.

Karen is crazy (as I already told you) and will make this bracelet for Diane 4 times before we head home. Once she had a bad closer, two more times were a bad fit. Fourth time lucky.

Sewing room #1.

Sewing room #2.

Cocktails on the deck. Hey Spike!! Wake up!! Bad timing on Carol Anne's part (Spike's mom) - the hot tub had been winterized on the weekend JUST BEFORE we got there.

A very special bottle of wine Karen & Diane brought back from Pennsylvania.

Spike guarding the quilt-in-progress. Spike owns the cottage and is the only four legged animal ever allowed inside.

Lingering over coffee. No one wants to go home. I wonder how long it would take for us to actually get sick & tired of each other?

All cleared out but the riff raff.

The cottage (ahem!) is a fabulous spot for a retreat. You might want to book it with some friends for next year. Here's the link.

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