Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family Visit

I packed up the suitcase again last weekend and headed off with DH to visit the outlaws. Why is it that when brothers get together it's all about pickup trucks, trailers, and lawn equipment?

We had a great visit. A stop at one of the zillion farm markets netted us many peppers (sweet and hot), apples, pears, and an apple pie. We got into a conversation about movies and spent the rest of the weekend trying to remember what movie it was we saw last. We remember the date, the venue, the dinner, the company, the snacks we bought. But the movie? Gone. It wasn't until Sunday night it finally came to me. Surrogates with Bruce Willis.

Our dog went for her first sleepover with my brother & s.i.l. She's a country dog and has no idea she is supposed to do her 'business' when she's out for a walk. It seems we owe them some carpet cleaning. Stupid mutt. My s.i.l. was being sweet and had no intention of telling us the whole drippy story. My brother, on the other hand was most eager to share the dog story. I guess he was kinda ticked about taking Sadie for not one but TWO long walks in the pouring rain, just to have her pee on the carpet. I really feel awful about that, and embarrassed that my dog is that dumb. However, these are the same relatives who left their dog with us when it had it's teeth removed and a bunch of warts taken off it's head. I figure on the family abuse scales we're pretty even. Thank goodness we love each other. And I brought them two nice bottles of wine from Pelee Island Winery.

No quilts to show you - I've been recovering sofa cushions and throw pillows. My workroom turns into a total disaster area during upholstery jobs.

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  1. Oh gosh, thanks for the laugh. I'm off to bed chuckling as I get ready - oh but wait, I have to take the dog out - otherwise, I will find a wet spot somewhere in the morning. He's fine during the whole day but for some reason can't hold it at night. He's a senior doggy and maybe that's some kind of explanation.


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