Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quilting, Karen's Retreat Bag

Not every quilt starts out nice and flat.

This quilt did not need a Quilt Whisperer. It needed a bash on the head with a rubber mallet. However, as you can see - it turned out great. Quilted with the Baptist Fan template from Circle Lord.

Now for a little closeup of the wonderful bags Karen made for the retreat.

The apron is my favorite article - especially since it ALSO has my name embroidered on the tie.

Included in the bag:
  • apron (made by Karen, maybe with help from beach day Diane)
  • water bottle
  • emergency information vial
  • pink bath scrubber
  • Mary Maxim catalogue
  • needle card from Cherished Pieces quilt shop
  • lovely tin containing safety pins, also from Cherished Pieces
  • chocolate bar from Hershey's Pennsylvania
  • scissors with beaded fob (also made by Karen. Sheesh.)
  • a red leash for our pets (4-legged or husbands?)
  • a long pink tube - filled with the beads that swell up when wet. You wrap it around your neck in hot weather and it keeps you cool. (also made by Karen. Sheesh again.) This will come in very handy during hot flashes.
  • not included in the photo - a coaster (also made by Karen) which was signed by all of us at the retreat as a memento.
  • also not included in the photo are the big hugs we all gave Karen for being so thoughtful. She is absolutely a woman who will remain in our hearts and minds for ....ever?


  1. I can't believe that quilt. It turned out so good. My friends and I hand quilt and we've had some doosies that sometimes don't stretch out too well. A favourite saying of one out past quilters was "It'll quilt out." That doesn't always happen.
    Nice loot you guys got. Keep Karen - she's worth her weight in friendships.

  2. I think the Baptist Fan works miracles on quilts. I used it on all of my Great-Grandmother's tops. They were very not flat but the BF took care of them and there were no puckers!


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