Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter, and finally spring!

The class I've been teaching is a Maple Leaf quilt. Judy is this term's overachiever and has her top all done.
So done, in fact, that I've had it long enough to get it quilted already. She is donating this to the Quilts of Valour program, so it is my 'April' QOV job. I've committed to quilting one per month.

This year's first daffy came out today! Yaaay... tons more to come.

Somebody better pass along the fact that there's only ONE old bat allowed around this house, and that's ME.

I really was an old bat today. We were out for a walk and a car pulled over asking directions. Too late I realized that I sent her to the wrong road - totally in the wrong direction. If she actually went down the road I sent her to she may have lost an axle - there's a sign that says 'Impassible When Wet'. Every time a car came back towards us DH figured it was Ms. lost-in-the-country coming to run me over. In the accounting department of the Universe, will this cancel out the good I've done with the charity quilting?


  1. The maple leaf patter is one of my favorites and is on my "do someday" list.

  2. great bat pic..I think they are pretty and it is a real compliment to have them visit you!!
    Ole' Bats do have their charm ya know!!


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