Monday, May 26, 2008

The Weekend - yard work & k.d. lang

The Lone Star quilt is finished and looks very pretty. The zillion prarie points must have taken her hours to make.

I had a productive weekend - the window screens all came up from the basement and got a bath, then went back on freshly washed windows. Hubby helped with the window washing part. The geraniums got planted and the grass in the garden got dug out. The veggie garden was rototilled (more hubby-work). I also thinned out the grape hyacinths. They were kind of reminding me of hangers in the closet - you know how they multiply???

I generously gifted those thinnings to the girls I went out with last night to see k.d. lang. Fun evening! First, the restaurant where I tried to make a reservation was fully booked and could not take us. The next restaurant was not cooking for at least another hour. The third restaurant was closed. (Are you seeing a pattern emerging???) The next restaurant was also closed. Uh oh, we're starting to get worried now. None of us are that familiar with downtown Hamilton so we finally went to the Sirloin Cellar, which we all have patronized before, and had a great supper. k.d. lang was wonderful - she's a gift to us from the gods with that incredible voice of hers. I think I'd pay money to hear her sing Three Blind Mice. I have been looking for her new cd Watershed for a few months with no luck, so I bought it at the concert. I'll be listening to that today for sure!

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