Thursday, May 29, 2008

Three borders treated as one

On Monday the Binbrook Guild held their meeting and had Kay Boyd from Brantford as the guest speaker. This is the third time I've seen Kay and I am certain she is the BEST speaker I have ever seen. She has a great sense of humour and makes tons of silk quilts using clothing she buys at thrift shops. She also brings a sampling of her dolls, hats and clothes.

For supper last night I cooked a bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin. Rub your seasonings over the pork (season salt, oregano, 5-spice pepper) then wrap with about 10 pieces of bacon secured with toothpicks. Roast uncovered at 400 for about 45 minutes, then cover in foil & let rest for 10 minutes away from the heat. Yum!

This quilt has three borders which I am treating as if they were one. I quilted clamshells (using the Circle Lord template) in a pyramid shape with narrow vertical channel quilting above/behind to enhance the shape. The quilt has several house blocks which will probably get a similar clamshell treatment on the roofs, so this should tie in nicely.

Last night I lit a fire in my workroom to take the chill off. The temperature was going down to 3 c. again and the floor is ceramic tile. I finished piecing 20 DARK 16-patch units from the jellyroll strips. Next job will be the 20 LIGHT 16-patch units and 20 LIGHT 4-patch units. This will probably have to wait until next week. This weekend we are helping the nephew & his bride move. I need to clean the house because (funny how you need a reason, eh?) his parents are coming to spend Saturday here and sleep over before the move on Sunday.

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