Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Things We Forget

It's the annual fall retreat at Margaret's, for the Bobcaygeon Quilt Show.  My food contribution was a turkey I pulled out of the freezer (to make room for the leftover tomatoes!) with an added side dish of sausage/apple/pecan stuffing. One of the other girls did the veggies and potatoes, and another handled the dessert. All food groups were covered. ☺
I went down to my room tonight to get out of the "real" pants and put on the yoga pants, and realized that I forgot to bring a fresh top to wear home tomorrow. Yup. Getting old & forgetful.
I have done NO sewing. But I have, now, finally downloaded the library app so I can get books online. Feeling very techno-weenie.  Next, I may figure out how to change the TV channel so I don't have to watch any more baseball.

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  1. Baseball - yes, turn the channel for sure.
    Have a good rest of your weekend!


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