Saturday, May 23, 2015

Scrappy Blue & Gold - and hilarious internet site

Here's a gorgeous scrappy blue & gold quilt.  Yea, I have the best job, ever.

Quilting pattern:  Gypsy Feather by One Song Needle Arts.  Yum.

So, there is a quilting forum that I read which should be no surprise to anyone. Someone made the comment "SMH".  Since I have NO IDEA what that means, I went to  Lemme tell you - it's much more entertaining than reading the phone book, and it could take just as long.  Here is a tiny selection from the "S" category that made me giggle:

SIUP - suck it up pussy
SIUYA - shove it up your ass
SOGOP - shit or get off the pot (which was one of the expressions DH used when he proposed. Yes. Seriously.  Can you see why I snatched him right up? ha ha ha)
STPPYNOZGTW - stop picking your nose, get to work
 Go check it out if you feel a need to jazz up your emails or facebook posts.  :-)

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  1. My husband proposed over a clogged drain so I know about the type of rare jewels we have!


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