Sunday, May 18, 2014

Last Day of Eat-From-Pantry Challenge and Blooming 9-Patch Quilt

This is a Blooming 9-Patch quilt from the book Tradition With A Twist.
Made with a beautiful selection of batiks.  Gorgeous.
I'm working on one of these too.  If you recall, last summer I was short about 6" of black butterfly fabric and a wonderful blog reader sent that to me in the mail.  Sweet. This top is currently in the UFO pile waiting for a final border, then quilting.
Day 6 of the Eat-From-Your-Own-Stuff challenge was 2/3 successful and 1/3 Order Chinese For Dinner.  I had my usual oatmeal for breakfast, then we both had leftover linguine for lunch.
I am pretty confident that we would never have any difficulty feeding ourselves for a week without leaving the house.  It took three years of nagging to finally get DH to stop bringing home MORE stuff for the freezer so we could finally defrost and clean the poor thing.  I have said in the past, it would be much easier for me if the freezer was upstairs in the kitchen because I am looking for something in there at least once a day.  If it got to be an extended confinement we might end up eating nothing but frozen tomatoes and zucchini loaf, but we would not starve.  :-)

We DID have a wee challenge yesterday when I asked him to put a fresh jug of water on the cooler thingy.  Hmm.  The cupboard was bare, but that is unusual.  And I've had our water tested - we could drink from the tap.  We just don't for whatever reason.  Chlorine smell, I guess.

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