Friday, May 16, 2014

Bacon Mania, Eat at Home Day 4, Oh My Gosh Quilt

First, I'll do the quilt.  This is the Oh My Gosh quilt.  These pieces are so teeny tiny - the little squares finish at 1/2".

She did a lovely job on the border.  It sets the quilt off beautifully.

Leftovers for the back. 
The only food I ate at home yesterday was breakfast (which was a repeat of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), and an evening snack of cheese & crackers with a glass of wine while watching Greys Anatomy.  I was so full of BACON from our cooking excursion with Chef Rosa that I didn't need anything else for hours and hours and hours.  I had a few sniggers into my hand during the day - I am forever bugging DH to cook healthy, low cholesterol food for us, and yet I was pigging out all afternoon.

Here are the different items Rosa fed us, and as I go I'll let you know what I don't have in my own pantry.  Those are the parts where I failed at the week long eat-at-home-from-your-own-supplies challenge.

#1) Peanut butter and onion sandwiches.  We arrived at Rosa's at 12:30 and a few of us were starving. These took the edge off our hunger and gave us energy to watch (!) Rosa cook.  (we were supposed to help, I guess, but...)  I have everything on hand for these little goodies, but this is a combination I would certainly NEVER have imagined.  These were yummy.  Nice squishy bread, a touch of mayo, peanut butter, thinly sliced onion, a dash of salt. 

#2 - Maple Bacon wrapped Sweet Potatoes with spicy sour cream.  Again, I have everything on hand to make these, although sadly I would have to substitute the 14% sour cream with plain low-fat yogurt.  Absolutely delicious.

#3) - Spinach, Pear & Pancetta Salad.  My pantry totally failed here.  No spinach, no pear, no pancetta, no shallots, no pomegranate seeds.  :-(  This was delicious AND healthy.

#4) - Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bombs.  This was only a partial fail - I have no jalapeno peppers on hand.  These chicken breasts are stuffed with jalapenos which are stuffed with cream cheese and cheese, 'cause you always need more cheese, right? I really liked these.  Even when you got a stab of heat from the pepper there was enough cheese to cool you back down.  Yum.

#5) - Bacon Wrapped Perogies.  Easy peasy, I could totally make these tonight.  Except for the sour cream.  I do have lots of plain yogurt, so I guess I could substitute, but honestly - this is one place where it just isn't the same.

#6) - Bacon Wrapped Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting.  Ha ha ha ha!  Total fail on my pantry's part.  Holy shit - these are deep fried! *!#**!!  Ha ha ha ha!

But oh my, they were sooo good!!!  I don't have the main ingredient - Pillsbury Grand Cinnamon Rolls with Frosting.  I have the other stuff (bacon, maple syrup, cinnamon sugar or icing sugar, toothpicks).  But that would get me nowhere, fast.  I suppose I could make the cinnamon rolls from scratch - I do have all the necessary supplies.  But that will not happen.  :-)
Here we are BEFORE a wide-angle lens was required from all the bacon.  :-)  At one point in the afternoon we were laughing about cholesterol and the good luck that no one had to get their bloodwork done the next day.
This was such a fun day.  Rosa is a great cook, totally down-to-earth, and has a very normal kitchen.  For me, that takes the fear out of making some of these dishes when you want to 'wow' your friends with something a little out of the ordinary.  She is located in Port Dover and will do classes at her house or yours.  Definitely check her out.  Link HERE.

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