Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sticks And Stones quilt and more *&*!!$#!! snow

Mmm, yum.  This is one of the patterns (Sticks And Stones) that the Caledonia Scrappy Club is working on. Here's a LINK to the on-line pattern.  If you go to her link at the side of that post and check '52 week challenge' it will give you 52 different quilt patterns.  She was one busy gal for a while!!

This was quilted with a cute diagonal design - GEOMETRY using teal thread.

Purple backing matches beautifully with the front colours.

Snowbanks.  This was taken on the 15th, so... 3 days ago.  Last night we had another dumping of snow and I've had ANOTHER event cancelled.  Diane was coming today with a couple of friends and they were planning to rent JAWS and cut out a zillion tumbler blocks for their guild.  They have been sorting and sizing scraps and remnants so they'd be all ready to cut when they got here.  But there is too much snow and blowing on the roads.  Sigh.  I washed the kitchen floor for nothing because I like to keep a clean and sanitary cooking environment.  And since I was feeding them lunch I didn't want to scare them with all the paw prints and coffee spills.  Now DH and I will eat the whole pot of soup ourselves.  Maybe all at once.  Who knows?  Winter house-boundedness (I don't think that's really a word, but it certainly fits the season) will do that to you.  I guess I'll be painting the bathroom today instead of tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with the painting. Too bad about the cancellations. I do like the quilting on that quilt.

  2. We don't have quite as much snow here near Pittsburgh, PA as you do, but I certainly feel your pain! Are you sure Jimmy Hoffa isn't in that snowbank somewhere? By the way, I don't wash my kitchen floor very often, either. With no mother-in-law to visit, there just seems to be no incentive...LOL!


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