Thursday, February 6, 2014

Looking for a STEAM PRESS on a Snow Day

Mother Nature dumped another several inches of snow on us yesterday.  I was whining remarking that I never get to take a snow day now that I work at home. 

So, since I need to keep my employees happy, I let myself knock off after just a couple hours.  This is the quilt I've been working on at the Caledonia Scrappy Club - I added the outer border and loaded 'er up on the longarm.

If you have something like this collecting dust please get in touch with me. There is a link to email me on the right hand side of the blog, under my picture.  I have a lot of fusing to do on my next project and this would make my life sooo much simpler. 

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  1. A new reader your snark AND your quilts! I hear you about the snow. We were dumped on (again) with snow and ice Tuesday night here near Pittsburgh. I JUST. COULD. NOT. TAKE. IT. ANYMORE and called off work yesterday to stay home and piece a quilt. By the way, (refering to your previous post about the rabbit), I'll raise you a "Bean Eater" and throw in a couple of ground hogs! LOL!


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