Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Finish Of My Own - Boxy Stars, and Stash Report

The Caledonia Guild started the Scrappy Club in August.  The first pattern we used was Boxy Stars, from Quiltville.  Link HERE for the pattern.

I pulled from the BLUE pile and the GREEN pile to make this.  There were no exclusions - yellow/green, blue/green, red/blue, ... you get the idea.

I found a cute carrot print in my stash that worked really well for the border.

I love the weird shape created by the muslin sashing and the background triangle from the block.  I used that to it's best advantage.

I finished up all the carrot fabric on the back, and several yards of a blue/grey print.  Two bolts down, another hundred to go...
I was doing really well with this stash reduction, until (there is always something!) I got the sale notice from the local quilt shop.  Christmas fabrics 50% off on Dec. 6 & 7.  Aack.  Thankfully I didn't go until the afternoon, and by then there was almost nothing left.  That didn't stop me from picking up the rest of a bolt.  Bad Helen, bad!!!  My excuse is the current plan for Christmas placemats.  Hopefully I will get further with this plan than I did with the SAME plan in 2011.  That pile is still sitting on my table waiting for time/inspiration.  If that makes you wonder "she doesn't really have stuff still sitting out after 2 years, does she?", um, yes - I do.

Used this month     6.4 m
Used YTD           67.9 m
Added this month    3.4 m
Added YTD          29.4 m
Net YTD             (-38.5 m) 
This is good.  Still a minus number.  If only the same could be said for my shoe report.


  1. Your boxy quilt is so fun. I am not sure I have seen one that uses the same fabrics in the center to create the star. Thanks for sharing.

  2. can we see pictures of the shoes?? I LOVE shoes! And of course we have things sitting from two years ago, how would we find it???


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