Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pieced Animals Kid's Quilt, and Radio Love

Kids quilts are always so much fun.

Apparently the little guy who is getting this quilt is a music lover, so we chose a music-themed panto.

I skootched the panto around the animals, then quilted in a little bit of anatomy.

Too cute.

Hey!  Sadie, how did you sneak in here?
Working at home, I need something to keep me entertained during the day.  Some quilters have their T.V.s on for background noise, but I'm a radio gal.  I also get bored.  For a while I was listening to a smooth jazz station, then I switched to easy listening.  The easy listening station had to go two years ago, when they started playing Christmas music in November.  Um.  NO!!!  I can no longer tolerate the sound of Feliz Navidad.  And Mariah Carey screaming at the top of her lungs makes me want to puke.  Then I moved on to a hip-hop station, but an hour of that stuff is enough for any one day.  I still love alternative music and occasionally tune in to CFNY (102.1 the Edge). But most of the time I listen to the CBC, which is pretty much all talk radio.  I have some favorite programs on there.

One is Spark.  That covers new technology stuff.  That's where I first heard about 3-D printers, and now my techie nephew (you know, 1-800-phone-Luke.  I've talked about him a lot here) has one at work.  Cool.

Another is Tapestry, which airs on Sunday.  I first heard that show when I was coming home from Margaret's in the Kawarthas.  That is about religion, philosophy, and human behavior.  One of those episodes introduced me to the concept that human beings are the only creatures that KNOW they are going to die, and how that affects our behaviour.

My third favorite is Quirks & Quarks, which is a science-type show.  On Friday's episode they interviewed a researcher who has discovered that during sleep, our brains shrink.  During that time cerebral spinal fluid goes up there and washes our brain.  This removes toxins and icky things like amyloid plaque.  That is the nasty guk that causes Alzheimers.  Interesting stuff.

Here are links to SPARK, TAPESTRY, and QUIRKS & QUARKS.

I will be spending the rest of the day getting the house ready for the annual Red Hat Pajama Breakfast, happening tomorrow morning at 8 am.  DH has brought up the extra table and is searching for the Christmas garland and my little log-with-a-hole-drilled-in-it, which I need to make my "front porch Charlie Brown Christmas tree".  I've searched through my December photos back to 2005 and cannot find one single pic of my faux trees.  !!! Definitely will post one when I get it done this year.

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