Monday, December 23, 2013

The Weekend

Saturday. Rain.  But the forecast is for FREEZING rain, to start later in the day.  Dinner plans with friends were cancelled.  Aargh.  Fudpuckers!!
This is now two weekends in a row when Mother Nature has decided that DH and I (and sweetcheeks Sadie) need to stay home alone and do some family bonding.  Oh, puleeze.  Instead of take-out Chinese Food with friends, hubby is busy making another of his wonderful pizzas.
So, in the meantime I brew up a pot of ginger tea and let Santa keep me company.
And I go back to working on this.  Since this quilt is behind schedule, the canceled dinner plans kind of worked in my favour, business-wise.  But not personal-wise.  I miss seeing my friends.  Boo hoo.  At least it's a pretty quilt.
Sunday morning.  3:30 am.  I get up for a piddle and realized the clock radios were suspiciously dark.  The carbon monoxide detector was dark.  The house was totally silent except for a bit of snoring.  Uh oh.
"Honey.  Psst.  Honey.  HONEY!!!"
"The hydro is out."
Poor DH.  He lumbered out to the garage and cranked up the generator.  It's pretty loud, and it looks weird - our garage is lit up like a landing strip while everything around us is dark, dark, dark.
I'm pretty sure we woke up the whole neighbourhood, but that worked in everyone's favour.  They all started their generators too.  Otherwise it would be flooded basement time for all concerned.
Ha ha, cute clothesline.  I guess I'm not hanging up laundry any time soon.  :-)
The only person I know who is insane enough to barbeque in this weather might be my brother.  Who, by the way, landed on Saturday.  He and his wife came from Calgary to spend Christmas with us!!  Arriving yesterday in this horrid storm was his daughter (and hubby and baby) from Singapore.  Woo hoo!  First Christmas with her in many years!
All the quilting time I made up on Saturday was lost again on Sunday.  I can't start up Floyd when the hydro is unreliable.  sigh.  Dear Universe....


  1. Us urban dwellers don't have generators - just family scattered throughout the city who had head, electricity and warm food.
    I'm so glad we finally got our power back so I can get those cookies done.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. I think a generator is on my Christmas wish for next winter. We were out for 13 hours - took the dogs to a pet store to warm up. Enjoy your company!


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