Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vintage Tulip Quilt and Saturday Nights...

I really appreciate working on vintage quilts.  It's so nice to have them finally get out of the cupboard.

This was quilted with s.i.d. along all the blocks and around all the applique and embroidery.  Setting triangles got the cute little tulip/heart motif.  It took sooo long to do the s.i.d., I cannot imagine how long she worked on the applique and embroidery.

Pretty back.

Summer entertainment on Saturday night.
Step 1:  cocktail

Step 2:  recipe & music (excellent c.d., by the way!)  Notice that the recipe is printed from the internet.  I find myself using the cookbooks less and less.  But I need to get things organized somehow because I can never remember WHERE the recipe I want is located.  Book?  Printed and in the recipe box?  A WORD file on the hard drive? Pinterest?
Step 3:  garden bounty and a sharp object
While the tomato paste was baking I enjoyed my pretty flowers and weeds.  Cosmos, trumpet vine, black eyed susan, queen anne's lace, goldenrod, ornamental grass.  I have picked some gorgeous bouquets out of the ditch.  Another of my favorites is chicory with blue flowers, although I restrained myself this time.  I'd hate to ruin the beauty of them in my lawn.  Pfftt.  We're at the time of year when the grass is all brown but the weeds are so tall I'm tripping over them.
Out in the veggie garden I had to rip out my cucumbers.  They came down with blight and the leaves all turned an icky yellow.  They started to infect my BS (butternut squash) so I decided to protect the squash.  I currently have enough zucchini and cucumbers in the fridge to make a batch of relish that will last the next two years.  I can live with store bought cukes.  The tomatoes, as you can see, are starting to come in. 

After I get the relish in the pot my next canning job will probably be the Orchard Fruit Chili.  I prefer this over regular chili sauce - it's made with brown sugar instead of white, and cider vinegar instead of white.  It has a more mellow flavour, and it's sweeter with all the fruit.

And, what you've all waited a whole week for:

Picked this week:  8
Picked YTD:  34

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  1. I downloaded one of the tracks from that CD, it is good isn't it. Catchy! And a suggested solution for your recipe problem might be EVERNOTE. You can search for words, even in pics saved there. Quite nifty really.


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