Sunday, August 4, 2013

Three More Calgary Quilts

This is the quilt that I made for the basement rebuild lady.

These are very muted colours and totally NOT my usual style, but she wanted something light & airy.  

Love that panto - FANTASIA by Hermione Agee.

Two quilt tops & backings were donated by a customer.  The first is this Iris quilt.

I like to use clamshells when the print is directional.  It is such a nice, traditional quilting pattern.

Her second quilt is a bright, scrappy Sunflower quilt.

What a great collection of botanical prints.
The backing is cheerful and sunny, too.
My big complaints of the day (so far):
  • I woke up at 6 am.  Again.  Why can't I sleep in a little bit on the weekend????
  • Computers.  We have a new keyboard and I have to retype half of my stuff because a firmer push is required for contact on each stroke.  AND the backspace button is positioned a wee bit differently, so I keep hitting F12 instead.  Every time I try to backspace and retype, I'm hitting the wrong key.  Aargh...
  • Classico.  I 'pinned' a bunch of their pesto recipes the other day.  When I click on my pins, I get a message that the link does not work.  Damn.  I will have to break down and print them out.  This will require an informative note to their comment page to let them know that their 'pin' button is the shits does not work.
  • Facebook and their Networked Blogs.  I tried to 'follow' a blog and got bupkiss (sp?).  I'll have to add it to my 'blogs I follow' on Blogger instead.
  • Can you tell I am cranky and whiny from not enough sleep?  Somebody should swat my bum and send me for a nap.
picked this week:  7 (gave away 2)
total picked ytd:   21
Without looking, I would guess there are probably 6 zucchinis in the fridge right now.  Maybe 8.  Time to start the zucchini loaf baking.

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