Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grand Rapids Quilt Show

We don't look too bad, when you consider that we'd been tramping around the show floor all day.  The Gammill booth was giving out tote bags, so I grabbed a couple for two friends of mine who will appreciate them. 

Entertainment while we were walking: Great Lakes Pub Cruiser.  Ha ha, a bunch of slightly tipsy people cycling themselves around town.

Five women and one SUV.  Packed to the gunnels on the way home.  The drive to the show on Tuesday was pretty comfy and roomy, but coming home... not so much.

The award winner in the Longarm category.  Gorgeous.

I don't think I have it in me - what is required to win a ribbon at these shows.
The yellow sash quilting reminds me of Welsh Quilting designs.

A gorgeous job on the feathers.

And the background fabric - she quilted along the lines of the print on the fabric.  Hoo boy!

Lovely little squiggle quilting behind the applique.

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