Saturday, March 23, 2013

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

This is what will have to wait until I return.  It has been patiently waiting until my cast was removed, and now the poor thing has to wait again.  This has wool batting - it gives a lovely poof that really defines the quilting.

If you are bored, here is a LINK to the villa where I will be staying in Bali.  We have 5 bedrooms in our villa.  If you want to see the whole place (I think the wedding has booked four of the five villas) then click HERE.  Please note - this is not how I normally travel.  Usually I go on a bus and stay at motels with a convenience counter in the lobby offering stale muffins for breakfast and paper cups for the coffee.


My brother is already in Bali with his wife - they went on Tuesday and missed the bad snowstorm in Alberta.  My nephew and his wife left last night and will still be in the air when my plane departs. The bride's grandmother (my brother's m.i.l.) and I leave tonight.  She lives about 10 minutes away from me so we are traveling together. Flight number one takes us to Hong Kong (15:40 flying time, breakfast and dinner), then flight number two takes us to Denpasar (4:45 flying time, lunch).

The hydro in Indonesia is different voltage so I will have to borrow someone's converter to charge my smart-ass phone, and hopefully (?) I can add one or two blog posts while I'm away.  It is still bugger cold here but it will be hot, hot, hot there.  Oooo - excited!!!  I spent yesterday trying on clothes to see what I could still squash my winter-chubby arse into.

If you have not been keeping up (!) I am going to Bali to attend my niece's wedding. 
She lives in Singapore, which makes Bali a nice quick little hop on a plane for her.  The wedding takes place on Thursday, I suspect hangover remedies will be exchanged on Friday, then I fly home on Saturday.  On the return trip we sleep over in Hong Kong because the flights don't line up.  I may do some shopping?? 

The last flight, from HK to Toronto is, again, 15:15 hours.  Departs HK at 5:05 pm, arrives Toronto at 8:20 pm.  Ha ha - how to turn 15:15 hours into 3:15 hours.  Hopefully 12 hours worth of wrinkles will disappear, too.

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