Friday, March 8, 2013

Dignity Quilt

Have you ever heard of a Dignity Quilt? This is a quilt for a nursing home (or other similar care facility).  It is used when someone 'meets their maker' and goes out, for the last time, on a gurney.

I think this is SUCH a nice idea.  The name of the home was added in the corner.

I used a feather-ish design in the setting triangles and in the outer border.  The blocks and sashing were done with s.i.d.  Which darn near killed me.

The back is sooo pretty.

Honestly, I have some of the NICEST customers.  This was a birthday gift.  See the zippers?  Ha ha - who would love that more than someone who stitches for a living?

So.  The day is starting the way you hope they DON'T start.
  • 2:30 am, wide awake
  • 2:45, get up for a pee then go back to bed
  • 4:00, give up on sleep and get up for real
  • 5:00, have oatmeal & pomegranate-lavender-green tea 
  • 5:30, finish web surfing, blog and email reading.  Wonder what else to do that is not too noisy and won't wake up DH.
  • 5:35, start coffee (which was pre-prepped last night)
  • 5:45, wonder why no coffee is in the pot.  Did DH forget to add water last night?  It wouldn't be the first time.
  • 6:00, after much head scratching, realize the coffee maker is dead.  It will have to go out the door under the Dignity Quilt (see top of post). OK, OK.  Sorry.  Maybe that's not funny, but it HAS been a long morning already.
  • 6:05, pour boiling water through the coffee grounds and make the pot of coffee
  • 6:08, smack self on side of head after remembering there is another OLD coffee maker upstairs in the linen closet
  • 6:08:32, pour self a cup of coffee and hope day improves...


  1. Ohhhh... your day on the 3rd sounds like my day today.... Up during the night while DH snores happily, up at 4:00, butdon't want to start up the long arm and wake him up too, so it's up to the sewing room for some cleaning and organizing! I should post on my own blog, but instead am reading others, thinking about how tired I will be at work today! I think I might need a dignity quilt! I love the idea, your quilting is really nice for a charity quilt.

  2. A dignity Quilt. What a concept. Does the quilt stay with the person or go to the family after? Just curious.

    1. The quilt stays with 'the home' and is used for all the residents who pass. It looks much nicer going down the hall and out the door.

  3. I had not heard of a Dignity Quilt either.......what a lovely idea!

  4. You are hilarious...and I haven't heard of a Dignity wonderful.

  5. A Dignity Quilt - what a lovely idea!

  6. did you put batting in the dignity quilt


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