Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gingham Stars

Here is the pretty gingham quilt finished.  There is a clear pattern of colours - they run on the diagonal but I didn't notice that until I took these photos of the completed quilt.  Mistakes are much more apparent in a photo, too.  It must be the distance you gain with a small image.

That little flower design in the cornerstones is so pretty.

I always love the backs!!
Prep for the Bali trip is well underway.  The alarm has been going off at 4 am the last couple of days.  Yesterday was a bust - I didn't roll my arse out of bed until 5:30, but today was better at 4:30.  Tomorrow and Saturday I'll set the clock for 3 am.  Insane?  Hmm, probably.
On my way to the hospital on Tuesday to have my cast removed (yesss!!!!) I stopped at the mall and bought a couple of new summer nightgowns for the trip.  The weather forecast is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  Hot, sunny, and little chance of rain until next Saturday.

I tell ya, I am so sick of hearing the forecast here - chance of flurries - every stinkin' day.  I look out the window and the sky is deep grey/blue - the storm sky.  Sick of it, I tell ya!!!
My arm is out of the cast but into a brace.  The bone is still healing so I'm scheduled to go back to the fracture clinic in a month for more xrays.  It sure feels good to put a naked arm in the bathwater, though.  And putting an ice pack on feels like heaven, too.

Today is Red Hat day.  Hopefully eating Chinese food won't be too strenuous, nor going to the movies.  En route I can stop at the liquor store and pick up the vodka that will travel with me (never go anywhere without it, ha ha) and hit up the bank for US cash.

Right now, and it has become the new norm, both kitchen sinks are FULL of dirty pots, pans, cooking implements, bowls, juice jugs, etc.  DH is great about cooking but not so great about cleanup.  I put him on notice the other day that I really needed some help, after I broke the THIRD glass in a five hour period.  I am sooo looking forward to a bit of strength returning to my arm because the dirty kitchen is not my favorite thing.  He made me laugh when he commented on how much more dust we've had this winter.  He's thinking that we have really had more dust.  Um, no, Sherlock.  There just has been no cleaning of the dust.  You're probably sitting and reading this, thinking "Whatssa matter with you?  You can dust!!  That's not heavy work."  True.  But after working, especially when ruler work has been involved, I hurt.  The arm and wrist and hand ALL hurt.  So I've been saving my energy for income-producing instead of Suzy Homemaking. I'll get back to the housekeeping soon enough, and in the meantime we will just have MORE DUST.

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