Sunday, December 23, 2012

Star Quilt and sleepless baking

No, I did not fall of the edge of the earth when the Mayan calendar ended (although some people may be sorry to hear that).  I needed to focus on getting the Christmas quilts out the door.  Now I can relax.
Here is the completed hand pieced star quilt.

Stitch in the ditch around all the stars, with a motif inside all the stars.

I extended the stitching lines to create a diamond background grid.

A pretty heart and circle design for the outer border.

The back.

Here's my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Every year I ask DH to drill a hole in a log, then I grab my garden clippers and do some tree trimming out in the yard.  I ram the stalks in the hole (sometimes I need hot glue to hold this together) and add my wee string of decorations.  Done.

There has been NO sleep happening here the last couple of nights.  Thursday night one of the smoke alarms went off at 5 am.  It's one of the talking ones - it speaks French.  Um, very helpful when you don't understand French.  Not that you can understand the garbled speech anyways.  It just needed a new battery, so we're FINE - there was no fire.  Then Friday night DH woke me up making too much noise loading the fireplace at 3:30.  3:30?  Really?  Then he woke me up AGAIN at 5 because he couldn't sleep.  Um, thanks, sweetheart.  Tonight I woke up at 1:30 for a pee and have not been able to get back to sleep. The quilting Gods of Health have blessed me with a cold, which coincidentally started at the same time as the smoke alarm, so perhaps that's what woke me up.

I'm going to make a blueberry walkaway using this recipe.   It is now 5 am so I can have this hot and on the table for breakfast by 8 am.  Maybe that will get me an extra batch of chocolates in my Chrismas stocking?
I made one of these two weeks ago and it was a big hit.  I have a couple of jars of blueberry marmalade that I made in 2011, and that makes an EXCELLENT filling for these. 


  1. The star quilt is absolutely gorgeous and so is the quilting. Love it!
    Your Charlie Brown tree is just so much fun.
    Hopefully you will get over your cold quickly so that you can have a wonderful Christmas break.

  2. First the quilt is lovely. I can imagine sleeping under it for a nice nap.

    The walk always Mmmmmmmm I'm going to have to make them. I don't need any encouragement in the kitchen department. I have told my husband that when I retire he will be in trouble, food trouble that is.

  3. You are so clever. I do like the quilting on the star quilt - especially the motif in the middle.


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