Saturday, December 29, 2012

Log Cabin #2 and Boxing Day shopping

Log Cabin quilt #2 finished before Christmas.

This was quilted with feathers and straight lines.

A couple of border treatments - running ovals in the rust border, and continuous feathers in the batik.

In the very centre I added a feathered wreath.

What a great back!!!

Ahhh, and my supervisor was on duty.

On Boxing Day, DH and I delivered a sewing machine and a scrappy quilt to the women's shelter of Haldimand & Norfolk.  DH had ulterior motives when he suggested this - TSC (tractor supply company - now doesn't THAT sound like a fun place?) which is also in Simcoe, was having a Boxing Day sale.  So I amused myself by trying on camouflage boots and Uncle Eddie hats (you know:  Uncle Eddie from the Christmas Vacation movie?) It's funny... people look at you weird when you start giggling and taking your own picture in a store.  :-)


  1. Cute pic. It's always nice when you can go to two places at the same time. ;-)

  2. The Log Cabin Quilt is so beautiful.
    Happy New Year!


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