Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Log Cabin and cosmetic bags and scraps

I love log cabin quilts, and I quilted two of them before Christmas.  This has clamshells in the body of the quilt, with four separate border treatments.

It's a little hard to see on these busy prints.  The outer black border has a celtic knot design.  The green has a leaf & feather.  The busy beige floral has a curly design, and the cream/black got a switchback feather vine.

The quilting is hard to see on the back, too.

DH and I had no plans this year for Christmas, and I am sick with a cold anyways.  I can't even go see Mom at the home.  Not that she will notice, but I notice.  Ya know?  Anyhow - I made these cute little cosmetic bags that will be gifted out over the next couple of months to some of my gal friends.  The tutorial came from here.  These are lovely - lined, and all inside seams are finished - no raw edges.

After I got our fake turkey (Butterball frozen turkey breast) in the oven, and put the cranberries in the pot (with orange juice, water, brown sugar, honey, and cinnamon), I started sorting out my scraps.  My cardboard box (um, LARGE cardboard box) is still bursting with remnants.  I mean, the leftovers from the aprons I made for the nursing home in December 2010 are still in there - like, really - two years ago???  I have sorted these into colour piles - one set is larger pieces that will need to be cut down into something, and one set is strips ranging from 3" wide down to about 1" wide.  Anything smaller is getting tossed.
I think that getting the scraps a bit more under control might be a plan for 2013.  I spent last night on EQ5 doing some string quilt layouts.  Then I spent this morning on Pinterest, pinning more scrap quilt ideas.  If I keep doing all this research, I will never have to actually CUT and SEW anything, which I think is why my cardboard box overfloweth.  If you know what I mean.  But I'm sure you don't.  ;-)


  1. There is a reason I don't check out pinterest. Blog hopping is time consuming enough. I do like the clamshell effect on the log cabin.

  2. I love pinterest! so many quilts, so many crochet slippers! I think you are lucky to have only your own scraps to deal with - somehow I have become known as the local scrap department and friends and friends of friends bring me scraps ad I sew them up into donation quilts, but it is starting to get to the point where I can't keep up! Well now, back to the sewing room and sew some scraps! hahahaha!


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