Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Train Quilt & Stash Report

In the midst of all the water nonsense going on around here, I have also been working.  I had so much fun doing this hobo quilt with train cars.

Each of the cars has a representational figure that (supposedly) the hobos would use to decide if the train was safe to hitch a ride on, or not.

I had to ask my neighbour, who is a train freak (and I mean that in the nicest way) which was the caboose and which was the engine.  Because what I know about trains would fit in a thimble.

Interesting back.

Sadie was barking up a storm in the backyard so I went out to see what had her knickers in a twist.  She was just ordering from the waiter:  squirrel pie for supper.  That dumb squirrel hung up there from 10:30 am until 6:00 pm, even though I brought Sadie in the house for most of the day.
I haven't done a stash report in a while, and I was kinda, um, BAD in August when I went to New England Quilt Supply.
August Stash Report
Used this month  0 (uh oh)
Used YTD        28.25 m
Added this month +53 m (big uh oh)
Added YTD         +72.25 m
Net 2012              +44 m  oh dear - must get sewing!!!!


  1. I am trying to find the pattern for this quilt, is there one?


    1. I contacted the woman who made the quilt and this is her response:

      Hi Helen-Mary: Here are the hobo quilt book details. Glancing through this again, it almost makes me want to start another one. A few comments to your blogger would be these: major ingredient is patience; difficult to accommodate the many fabric weights & colours you need; cut your pieces only when you’re having a good day. Happy spring time Enid

      HOBO QUILTS: 55+ ORIGINAL QUILT BLOCKS BASED ON THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF RIDING THE RAILS 2010 by Debra G. Henninger Krause Publications, distributed in Canada by Fraser Direct, 100 Armstrong Ave Georgetown ON, L7G 5S4 905—877-4411 ISBN number 978-1-4402-0412-8


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