Thursday, September 6, 2012


OK, let's practice our math. $1648.67 + $5987.76 + $59.88 + $626.01 = $8322.32.
How was YOUR day???

Here's how it all went down. 8 am start to dig.

10 am - big hole dug.  That's a gal down in the hole.  She drives a dump truck in the summer and plows snow in the winter.  Definitely a non-traditional-career kind of woman.

10:50 am - cistern getting dropped in the hole.  5500 gallons, in case you were wondering.

11:10 am - putting a lid on it.
12:20 - let's cover it up and pretend we weren't here at all.
DH called the neighbour to come over after work to help him fish plumbing stuff (??) through multiple orifices in water-related things.  That is as technical as I can get tonight.  Tomorrow DH will be scrubbing out the cistern to remove all the concrete dust and whatever else, and get started on plumbing in the new pump and stuff.  yup.  very technical.

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