Friday, September 21, 2012

Sampler Quilts and Cookin' in the Kitchen

I love Sampler quilts. I especially love the fancy border on this one.

This one has a great setting, with the log cabin blocks. And I love the colours.

Very fancy freezer container, no? DH makes me laugh.  Every time he sees something packaged like this, in a milk bag, he visibly shudders.  It reminds him too much of 'home', when he was a kid.  But the bags are free if you buy milk (ok.  that's a joke.  did you see me wink?)  and they are heavy, and masking tape to seal them up is very, very cheap.  As am I.  So we get along well.  heh, heh, heh.

My favorite cookbook, ever! (which is where the above recipe came from, although the recipe is actually called Aunt Chilada's Veg & Bean.... something).
Notice all the stickies along the edge?  All recipes I've made and love.  The Looneyspoons Collection was a gift from my longarm buddies back in January as part of my get well basket.  Next to the wine, this was the best part of the basket.  And it has lasted MUCH longer.  :-)

Fruit Fly Remedy
Are they driving you crazy???  Take a small dish, like this fruit nappy, put in a bit of cider vinegar and a couple drops of liquid dish soap.  Swirl it around until it's mixed.  The fruit flies dive in for a drink of the sweet liquid and are done in by the soap.  I collected these buggers overnight. As you may know, I really love my evening glass of wine.  So do the fruit flies.  I have enough experience now to know, by taste, when there is one in my glass.  Grrr.  What do they do - poop in there???  Ick.  So I have NO PROBLEM murdering the little bastards.

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