Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snowman Christmas Quilt & Stash Report

A real winter quilt.  Sue has a "thing" for snowmen, and here she made a whole family of them.
Outer border quilted with stars.

A bit of piecing with Continuous Curve quilting.
Lots of SID around the applique bits.

Curvy/wavy background fill. Hey!!  These poor bastards don't have any mouths to eat the marshmallows!
On several blocks I used the same motif, resizing as required.

Used this Month 9 m
Used YTD 79.15 m
Added this month 0 (yay - good me!!)
Added YTD 44m
Net 2011 (- 33.15)

 Lookin' good - cleaning off those shelves, bit by bit.  If I ever get to some of those UFOs from 2011 I will knock off a whole lot more fabric.  I have (slim) hopes to still get the Bunny Hill quilt finished before the end of the year.
There are two more quilts that MUST be finished before Christmas, then I have a bit of breathing space.  I commented to a friend yesterday that I had a screw loose (actually, the real words were not something I would print in my blog), deciding to make a Christmas quilt for Sadie's vets as their gift this year.  When did I decide this and buy the fabric?  Monday.  Yup - screw loose.

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  1. The snowmen quilt is so cute! I love the way that the quilting enhances the design.


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