Thursday, December 29, 2011

Irish Chain quilt and the Christmas Boots

 Here is a very spring-like Irish Chain Quilt.  It went up to Timmins as a gift for my customer's mom.
 This was quilted with a tulip design - matching block and border designs.
As usual, I love the back.

My s.i.l. brought these rubber boots for me all the way from Calgary.  Hah!  I can't wait for spring - I think I can use the pointy toes to dig weeds out of the garden without bending over.  The wiener dog came all the way from Calgary too - but she is not still here.  Just the boots.


  1. The Irish chain quilt is just gorgeous. The quilting truly enhances it's beauty.

    Love the boots too.

  2. LOVE the boots!!!!! hey and that pup is pretty darn cute too!

    I think those boots will get the neighbours talking when you are spotted in your garden wearing them


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